Day at the Beach

Last week the boys and I headed out to the beach for the day. Can you believe it was our first trip to the beach this whole summer? I know, I’m a terrible Californian. :)

We were going to go with friends, but when the weather looked like it was going to be too cold, it ended up just being us. We went down to Newport, where Nathan likes to go and found that it was pretty crowded. Thankfully, we found a good spot and set up camp.

The coolest part was the parking. Yeah, weird, I know. But they now have this app that you can download that lets you pay for parking straight from your phone, lets you watch your time so you can stay on top of it, and you can even add more time from right under your beach umbrella. It sure beats having to take the kids out of the water and walk them back to the car to add a couple more quarters to the meter!

Eli spent most of the day with his boogie board in the water. Even though the water was cold, he loved the huge waves that were coming in and just rode hard out there for at least 3 hours!

West and I spent the day throwing the ball back and forth, eating our lunch, and building sand castles.




But the best part for West? That would be knocking the castle over!

We had a really fun day just enjoying the great weather together. The boys certainly slept well that night!


Rebecca Busath said...

Seeing ALL the FUN things you are doing, especially those you have posted in the last couple of days is making me miss you guys so much and wishing I could be there with you!!!
I'm so glad you are so active with your kids, Laurel. They will have such great memories of growing up and be so grateful that you spent quality time with them. They will grow up so fast, I wish I would have done more things like this more often with all of you kids. Love you all!!!

AES said...

Hey Laurel,

It is fun to read what you've been up to!

I feel a kinship with Eli now that I know we have matching cupcake shirts :)

Summer Sarah Wang said...

I refuse to believe that you are Laurel Lakey & this is your first beach trip. lol!! Better late than never. Plus, I think Disneyland is a fantastic alternative. ;)