We have a 2nd grader in the house!

Well I can hardly believe it’s here! The summer seemed to go by in spurts – super fast one minute and then crawling by the next. Of course, Eli has been so excited to go back (almost as excited as I was!) and today, the day finally came. He was up at the crack of dawn (seriously, 5:30am and he was ready to go!), dressed and ready for school. He designed his own T-shirt this year, with the front saying “2nd Grade” and the back saying “RULES!”.

This year Eli has the same teacher that he did for his 1/2 combo class last year, which will have its pros and cons, I’m sure. I’m glad that he’ll have someone who knows him, who understands his quirks and know how to work with him. But I’m also nervous that he’ll be so comfortable in the class already that he’ll forget his first-day manners. I’m sure he’ll do fine, I’m crossing my fingers!

Here are the fun first-day photos we took this morning. West was there, ready to go with his lunchbox, but of course, he doesn’t start preschool until next week. But he was excited to accompany Eli to his class!

IMG_5851_crop IMG_5855 IMG_5858 IMG_5860 IMG_5861

I’m looking forward to having some more quiet time to get some projects done around the house, and to be able to have these two not fighting with each other all day. Absence does make the heart grow fonder, after all!  ::wink::


Rebecca Busath said...

He's so grown up!! Well, both of them are! It will be good for you to have some time for you! :)

Summer Sarah Wang said...

Ha! Love the absence makes the heart grow fonder. Our pedi said that a little space at this age does wonders. He said he usually recommends preschool. LOL. It seriously couldn't have started at a better time! I can't believe how grown up they are. So fun. :)

Joseph & Tracy Larsen said...

we've been struggling with fighting too.. glad I'm not the only one! Miss you!!!