CK Reader's Choice! I need your help!

Hey gang! (Or anyone who is reading this, lol!) I just wanted to pass along an opportunity to showcase digital scrapbooking and ask for your help with it. Here is an excerpt from a post Mandy did on the message board today: "Scrap Girls is participating as a company in CK's 2008 Readers' Choice Awards. We would love to have you fill out a ballot and vote for Scrap Girls. Here is the link to vote for your favorites. I believe the contest runs through the middle of October. If you've ever wanted to spread the word about how much you love Scrap Girls, here is a great way to do it. You vote. Have your friends vote. Get your kids to vote and your dog and your cat. Post it on your blog for people to go vote for Scrap Girls." So please, if you have a spare moment, go vote for ScrapGirls! I love this company and it has taught me everything I know about digital scrapbooking. I could not be more grateful to Ro, Mandy, Angie, Heidi, and everyone else who I work with, for being so great and believing in me. I owe all of them more than just a vote, but if I can start there, then that will be good. So I encourage you to help me show my appreciation! Please go vote! Thanks so much! :)

Okay, and PS: on a totally different note....Nathan and I actually got out of the house
tonight to go see The Bourne Ultimatum. Oh man, it was so good. Rarely do movie series like these get better as they go along, but this last one was just so GOOD! I loved the action and the back story and the character development and music. Oh, the great, heart-pounding music! Just loved it. Plus, it was great to get out with Nathan and be able to spend some time together before he leaves. Okay, I'll leave you all with some pictures, since I know that's what you want to see anyway. ::smile::

Oh, man, he sure did need a haircut! Good thing I got him one the very next day.

He just loves to go down the slide!

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