The Price is Wrong, Bob!

When Ali was here last week, we went down to a taping of the new Price Is Right with Drew Carey. It was so much fun! We made our own T-shirts and rode the train to get to LA and felt like real accomplished women because we made it to the CBS studios without getting mugged in downtown LA ( even if we had to get on a bus in the middle of Mexico. I had no idea that LA has portions of it that have actually crossed the border!).

So anyhoo, we didn't get picked to be contestants, but we did get Drew Carey to sign our home-made T-shirts! It was during the commercial break time and I screamed, "Drew, we want you to see our shirts!" And the announcer (Rich I think) says, "You want him to see through your shirt? Uh-oh!" It was hilarious.

After we showed him our shirts, he signed them for us and it was cool. It was only his third taping ever and so we had to re-do the ending of the show because he missed something and the loser's friends all thought she won and jumped up on stage with her. It was too funny. Ali's shirt on the front said, "Out with the old" and on the back it said "In with the Drew!" Mine had a picture of Drew on the front and said "Bob 2.0" with a little "Cleveland Rocks!" on the back. We thought were pretty clever. :)

We weren't allowed to bring in our cameras to the studio, or else I totally would have gotten a picture of how small the studio is! It's tiny, and they do the whole show on about 3 little platforms, just changing things out left and right. It was cool to see.

Here are some pictures of our shirts, though, and our nametags and other such paraphernalia. :)

Group shot with our T-shirts and name tags

Ali's Drew Carey signature

My Drew Carey signature


The Murdocks said...

Woohoo! Sounds like a lot of fun! And next time, don't go to Mexico. The elves will hear you.

Laurel said...

Only with their pointy ears!