Christmas Pictures

Hi everyone! The Christmas season is in full swing at our house. I finally got all the decorations up, now I've just got the lights left. We've been listening to Christmas music a lot and the weather has been colder lately, which helps. (I know, you can't really call 60 degrees colder, but it's better than the 80s that we had for a while!) Southern California sure has its own quirks.

We went out yesterday and took pictures of Eli for our Christmas cards. I won't post the one I'm using so that it will be fresh, but here are some of the close runners-up.

Eli and I had a great time, even if he doesn't want anything to do with my camera. I just try to snap away and hope that I'll end up with a few that I like. Luckily, I think I did just that. It was also the first real photo shoot I had with my new camera. I got the new Nikon D300 for Christmas, if just a little early. I've been playing with it, trying to get better at the manual settings. I'm working on it. :) Someday I'll be a real Busath, LOL. :)

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Emily Murdock said...

Mmmm-hmmmm....showoff with your new fancy camera. Way to make us D200ers jealous.
Those pics are fab-u-lous by the way, I love the one at the top. Eli is one handsome dude!