Date Night

Nathan and I are so lucky to have Janae living close by us. She babysits for us frequently, and it's the easiest way for us to get in a date! Last night she came down and watched Eli so we could go to the movies. Because of the crowding at the big theater, we ended up at a local theater that shows independent movies. Our only choice was Lars and the Real Girl because it was the only one not rated R. :)

I actually really liked the movie. It was sweet and heartfelt and had a lot of comedy as well. Ryan Gosling was great as Lars, although he had a mustache that made him look like David Arquette's twin brother, when he was in Scream. Hilarious.

Nathan liked it, too. When possible, we like to watch independent movies as opposed to the big budget busters that don't really have a lot of meaning. So I would definitely recommend this one.

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Emily Murdock said...

Ooooh, I want to see this one! The local movie reviewer up here said it was really good, so I'm glad to hear that from someone else, too. I wonder if Adam will be willing to see it...hmmm.