G'day from Down Under!

I'm here in Australia where Nathan is on a business trip this week. I was lucky enough to get to come with him, while Eli is spending some quality time with Nana at home. It's been such a fun trip so far, and we've gotten to see the Sydney Opera House, Darling Harbor, the Rocks area of Sydney, and we've gotten to eat at some really good restaurants as well. Here are some pictures, and I'm going to post more when I can.

This is at Darling Harbor, where we went to a Maritime Museum. We also got to eat at a good Spanish restaurant that had yummy fajitas.

Here is the famed Sydney Opera House. The first day we were here, it rained all day long! So the picture isn't that great, but it's true to life. I was amazed at the details in the roof of this place. Did you know it's made up of millions of small ceramic tiles? And here I was, thinking it was all one big piece of something. :) It was really cool to see in person!

This is a shot from the Sydney Opera House tour that we took. Since it was raining outside, we got to go in through the actors' entrance, where they had tons of storage of props from different plays and such that had gone on. It was pretty cool. We also got to take pictures in the Opera Theatre, which our guide said we had the first permission to take pictures in that room for months. That was pretty cool.

This is a miniature model of Sydney that is on display in a building down in Circular Quay. The coolest part about this is that it's situated underneath the glass floor that you walk on. It was pretty fun to point out our hotel and places of interest while standing a foot above them.

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Shalae said...

You have to post one of you and Jo together! I'm so excited for you guys. That will be so fun to meet up and Australia of all places! Have tons of fun for me!