More Australia photos!

Hello all my blog readers! (Hahaha, all 2 of you...Hi Mom!)

Just thought I'd update with some more photos from Oz. I've had a chance to edit through some of the mass and have whittled them down....a little. :) So enjoy!

This one is from our first morning in Sydney. We went down to the Circular Quay (pronounced "key") and had breakfast at this little cafe. It's just like Italy in the way that they don't automatically give you water when you eat out. I always think that's such a weird thing, but I suppose that's just because I'm so used to it here in America. :) I'm a spoiled water drinker. I think it also has to do with the fact that they are in a really big drought, although it rained about 4 out of the 8 days we were there. Oh well, whatev. :)

This one is the view from the table where we were eating. You could look right out onto the harbor and see the Harbor Bridge. People actually pay a ton of money to go do the Harbor Bridge walk, where you get to climb to the top of the bridge and see Sydney. I would have done it, except they don't let you take your own camera because 'they don't want you to drop it on anyone below on the bridge'. If you ask me, it's really so that they can sell you the pictures that they have taken from up there. I think I could do better. :) But again, whatev. :) I saw the harbor enough from the ground, thank you very much.

Here is another picture from inside the Sydney Opera House, on the tour that we took. It's the symphony hall. It really was amazing to sit inside that room and just imagine the acoustics that they have set up in there for the best possible sound. Our tour guide was telling us about the other hall that we didn't get to see, which is the Opera hall, and how they are wanting to update and refurbish that one, but the cost of that would be in the $200 million dollar range. Yeah, I said two hundred million. Sounds like they need to find a cheaper contractor if you ask me, LOL! :) But then again, what do I know about acoustics and sound? Not much, that's right. What I loved about this place was the huge pipe organ behind the stage. Our tour guide was telling us about this organ, how when it was built it was the largest mechanical organ in the world. And what's even cooler is that behind the front 'show' pipes, there are actually ten thousand more that can be played. How crazy is that?! Anyway, I thought that was pretty cool. :)

Here is a shot of the cool architecture that is inside the Opera House. I was surprised to find that it had so much of an industrial feel, with lots of exposed concrete, wood and metal. The architect who designed it felt just as strong about this inside details as he did about the outside details. That's cool to me.

Here is some more of the cool architecture inside. Even just the staircase is neat. :) I get a kick out of that kind of thing.

After the Opera House, we walked over to Darling Harbor to meet up with Chris and Sarah. Sarah works with Nathan and she brought her boyfriend Chris with her on this trip. We met up with them at a museum and toured around it. Then when we went outside, at the harbor was this cool fountain that had all these kids playing in it. It's summer time there, since the seasons are opposite of us, so it wasn't cold at all, although it did rain. I thought the design of this fountain was pretty cool. And the kids were having such a great time in it too. :) Too cute.

Here are Chris and Sarah. We had a really fun time hanging out with them. I was glad to have people to talk with and do things with. Not that I don't love being with Nathan, it was just good to have a change of pace every once in a while. They actually got engaged on this trip, but I'll tell you more about that later... :) They certainly do make a cute couple!

And here's the man of my dreams! :) We were hanging out in front of this other cool fountain down by Darling Harbor. I'm sure Nathan was really sick of me taking his picture on this trip. I think by the end, if I had asked him, "How excited are you to be in Australia?" behind the camera one more time, I wouldn't have liked the response. :) Heehee, that's the best and worst part about being the one behind the camera - you're not in a lot of the pictures! That can work to my advantage when I look like crap, but it also is not so fun when I go to find photographic evidence that I was, indeed, down under. :) But I've been getting better at asking Nathan to take my picture, and he definitely likes to use my camera. I don't blame him, LOL. So that's why there are more pictures of me. Mostly because I want to show my kids in the future that I really did exist! :)

On that note, here is the photographic evidence that I was there! :) Man, I really don't have any lips. I should work on that. :)

And I'll end here, but be on the watch for more pictures to come. These were all basically from the first day! Hey, you can't blame me, I just like to take lots and lots of pictures! Just be glad that I pared them down before I posted, LOL.

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