Happy Birthday Summer!

I should have posted this yesterday on her actual birthday, but I'm a dork and forgot. :)

My best friend Summer had her 26th birthday yesterday, which is crazy to me. I can't believe we're that old! She is my oldest friend and we have been through so much together. And now she has moved out here closer to me! Yippee! I am so grateful that she married a guy from Los Angeles. :)

So yesterday Summer and I went out to lunch to celebrate her birthday. We went to the Cheesecake Factory and got some good food and some cheesecake to take home to celebrate with. It was so nice to just catch up, as she got married last month and it's been a whirlwind of traveling, moving, receptions, unpacking, new jobs, starting school, and more. So we haven't had a chance to get together. But it was so nice to do so yesterday and to just have some girl talk and enjoy each others' company. I am excited to have my buddy close by. (Now if only we could cut down the driving distance, it would be wonderful!)

Here are some pictures, although I forgot to have our waitress take one of all of us at the restaurant. Ah well.


Blowing out the candle

Happy Birthday!

It was a fun day!

PS: So here's to being positive! :) We put an offer in on a house yesterday afternoon and are waiting to hear back whether or not it has been accepted. We have a really good feeling about it, but would still love any positive thoughts or prayers directed our way. I'll definitely keep you updated and post photos as soon as we know. I'm trying to be cautiously optimistic. :)


JAG said...

Is that candle in a piece of CHICKEN?!?!
I didn't know Summer was out there. How fun for you guys!!

Laurel said...

No, his was on one little dollop of whipped cream that had peanuts and chocolate sauce on it. :) He insisted on having his own candle. He's a goober. :)