This is the life!

Be warned -- this will be a picture-heavy post! :)

Okay, so living in southern California certainly has its perks. For instance, my sister and her cute husband came down to visit us this past weekend just because they wanted to come to California. Yeah, that's nice. :) We were lucky enough to go out to Newport Beach and had a blast swimming, digging in the sand (mostly Eli), and building sand castles. Ali and Jed almost got eaten by some big waves, but they narrowly escaped. We had a great time with them here. Here are some pictures to share!


Love the fun houses on the edge of the sand. Man, someday....


Ali and Jed on the boardwalk. It was such a beautiful day!!


The last picture I got of the unfinished sand castle before "Hurricane Eli" got to it. LOL.


Eli likes to lay in the sand, as evidenced by the sand covered face. Typical. :)


Getting buried alive!



He was okay with being buried alive, but the best part for him was getting out and kicking all the sand into the air! :)


And yes, we did forget his swimsuit. It was a hectic morning! Luckily he's not afraid to show off his muscles and diaper.




These are my little boy's footprints!
I can't believe he's a little boy now and not my baby. He's growing up so fast.


tawni said...

OK we need to get together and talk about digital stuff. Love the pics. These don't even look edited! You are good :)

Laurel said...

Any time you want! :)

Janae's Life in Boston... said...

Eli is too cute!!! I miss him and you guys too. He is getting so big and soon there will be another. Have you guys found out if you are having a girl or a boy yet? Love you guys!

Erin said...

Looks like you're having fun in the O.C.! Good luck with the house hunt!