Thanksgiving and such...

I have so much to be thankful for! This Thanksgiving we did our own little family day with great food, a few good friends, and lots of fun. Nathan brined the turkey again, and it was wonderful. We had Summer and Ian over, who brought some yummy food and great company. We even got to play a few games of Settlers, which I'm always happy to do. And of course, I was so occupied with other things that I forgot to take any pictures. Duh. So nothing to post from that day, sorry. :)

But at least we're getting into the swing of things by getting our Christmas tree up, if not yet decorated. :) Slowly but surely, right? I'm just glad we have plenty of room in our house for the tree without having to take out furniture or move a ton of things around. That is a nicety for sure.

All in all, we're getting things settled, loving our new home, and trying to just be happy where we are right now. I know it shouldn't be hard with all of the many blessings that we have, so I'm remembering those things on a daily basis.

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