Happy Birthday Eli!

Today, my first baby turned three! I can't believe he's already that old. Time has seriously flown by. Having a newborn in the house reminds me of when Eli was that tiny, and it doesn't seem all that long ago. And then, overnight, he's turned into this big kid, wanting to do everything for himself, without help.

So in honor of his big day, I thought I'd share some fun facts about Eli:

1. My little guy loves anything to do with letters and numbers. He loves to spell words and has a very analytical mind. No make-believe for this guy, he has to see it right in front of him to consider it.
2. Eli is easily excitable -- if you want him to get excited about something, all you have to do is be excited about yourself and he'll follow suit. Case in point -- anytime we're in the car and we don't want him to fall asleep, we'll have him look out the window for signs. Just any old sign will do, as long as you're excited about pointing it out, he'll most likely be excited about finding it.
3. This kid is so loving and has a very tender heart. One of the phrases he says that melts my heart every time is, "Aww, Mama, I wuv you."
4. He loves being the big brother and when we're in the car with him and West in the back, he'll say "Don't worry, West, we'll be home soon, I promise." Absolutely gets me every time.
5. When Eli was born, he was in a hurry to get out and he hasn't stopped going since. He has more energy in his little finger than I do in my whole body most days. But he keeps me on my toes and ready for anything.

We sure do love our little man and we're so grateful for him in our family. I just know he's going to be a great example for his siblings and that he'll continue to make us proud parents.

We love you, little buddy! :)


Janae said...

He is so cute, especially with his little brother West. I am glad things are going well. Enjoy the California sunshine!

Mandy said...

Happy Birthday Eli! We miss you. I just knew you'd be an awesome big brother. Keep making your mom cry...in the good way...moms like that.

Emily Murdock said...

Happy Birthday, Eli!
Your Texas cousins love you and hope you have a fun birthday week!

JAG said...

Yay! Happy Birthday Eli!!
He really is a great kid. We had so much fun playing with him while we were there. :)

Lynleah (Bevans) Smart said...

I love hearing mom's talk about the beloved children. There is nothing quite like the love a mom has for her baby and you definitely showed it here!