Just checking in

Life is just about waiting around here. Waiting for baby to come, waiting for the point where I can walk around the house again and not feel like every part of me aches. Man, pregnancy is tough on ya! :) I know the time is going to go by faster than I think, so I'll be positive.

I've been thinking of some projects that I want to tackle while I have some time off with the baby and while my mom is here. I'm bummed that it will only be for 9 days, but I'll take what I can get. Plus it's her very first visit to our California place, so that will be a lot of fun to show her our house and get her help in decorating it. Because heaven knows I can't do it by myself! I get too many ideas and not enough coordination with them. So maybe a second pair of eyes will help. Gosh, thinking about it, I'm more excited to have my mom come out than I realized! :) I haven't seen her in several months, so it will be nice.

Other things that have been on my mind lately include when in the world I'm ever going to get my almost-three-year-old potty trained! I am so tired of changing big stinky diapers and I know it's only going to get worse once I have two to contend with! So that's one of the challenges for this year, getting him potty trained.

Of course I'll be waiting until after the baby comes, since that will be change enough for him. In fact, that's the big reason we didn't try it before the baby came, because I knew moving would be a big enough adjustment without having that added to it. And I have to admit, I'm nervous with how he's going to react to his brother. He's been pretty clingy lately and I just hope that we can help him adjust as best as possible.

I've also had this hankering to make a little mini-studio upstairs in our office, which I think will be of great use to me when our baby gets here, so that I can do some fun newborn shoots. I didn't really know what I was doing with Eli, and was so out of it that I didn't realize I should have taken more photos! :) But this time around I'll be more prepared, with better lighting and lots of time to take good pictures. Besides, there's nothing more fun than practicing on someone who doesn't automatically run once the camera is even pulled out (ahem, Eli!!). Can't wait to have some fun with him.

I've decided that I'm not really going to be doing New Years' resolutions this year. Mainly because I'm horrible at sticking to them, and because I feel like when I take on something like that and fail at it, it makes me feel worse than if I had not done it at all. :) So I'm just going to take my days as they come, enjoy life, and try REALLY hard not to beat myself up for things that don't get finished or a messy house or kids who have dirty fingernails. (Because good moms don't let their children get dirty fingernails, right?) I'm just focusing on doing the best I can with as little worrying about what other people think of me as possible. And that is going to be tough for me, I can tell you that right now. I have a long history of caring deeply about what other people think of me.


Launa said...

Well I think your a fabulous person in general! Does my opinion count? LOL!! I know Eli will love his new brother and he'll be potty trained eventually right, so don't worry about it! BTW.....my secret...chocolate! It's a reward that worked every time! ;)

And just tell him how much help your going to need from him, and it's such a good thing you have him, because his brother isn't going to be able to do anything for himself and he's going to need his big brother to help his mommy.......well it worked for my girls anyway, as long as they felt really needed.....getting diapers and wipes, checking on the baby in the other room, helping put laundry in the washer....anyway they really felt like they were important and they adjusted perfectly! I know you'll be fine! Enjoy your time with your mom...I'll pray it doesn't go to fast for you! :D.


Caroline said...

Yes, you NEED help from Eli, withour him you could not handle, that trick worked here too. Potty training, with two boys I am of no great help ... I have been told girls are easier with it. Somehow I have deleted this phase from my memory, guess why LOL

So my opinion of you Laurel ... you are one of the sweetest persons I have met. You inspire me, I admire your talents, you are a wonderful Mom and don't let anybody tell you that a good Mom's kids don't have dirty fingernails! If you judge it by the cleanliness of fingernails, oh my, then HELP over here LOL! I often wonder how the fingernails can get dirty so quickly and just have stopped getting mad at it LOL So this does not count. I am soo glad to have you as my friend Laurel!

I wish your pregnancy to end smoothly and will be thinking of you! Oh my, it's coming so close now ... I am excited with you ... and the mini studio is a fanastic idea! Can't wait to see those photos and enjoy your time with your Mom!


JAG said...

Well I think you're awesome. And I think we will be coming out for a few days!!! :D

Mandy said...

I'm right with you on doing what I can and trying not to care what people think. It's a challenge, but it's so important.

Just for the record, I am pretty sure that 3 or my 4 kids have dirty fingernails right now. I'm just saying.

And as for Eli, all of my kids got extra clingy before the baby came. I think they can sense what is about to happen. :) Just make him a part of things as much as you can. You'll do great.

Can't wait to see the new little guy. Wish I could meet him in person and give you a big hug!

Janae said...

You are such a great mother. Eli loves you more than life itself. You amaze me everyday with everything you do and I only hope one day that I am half as good a mother as you are.

shayne said...