Good day so far...

Here's hoping it will continue into this afternoon. (Now I realize some of you are on the East coast, which means it's more like this evening, but us West coasters still have half the day left!)

Worked out today. Got that post-workout high and that's a good feeling.

Need to remember that I can do this every day, I just need to make time. Didn't do that yesterday, and of course, now I wish that I had.

But staying positive -- I worked out today. And I'm going to make some layouts, work on a secret project, and play chase with my kiddo. Big plans, I know.

On a separate note, we got the cutest package from a great friend at ScrapGirls today. Thank you so much, Kim, for the adorable outfit for West (complete with shoes!) and the cutest little hat. I'll definitely be taking pictures of this when I get him in it. Eli was so excited to show me the package (Nathan discovered it on his way out the door for work) and kept saying, "Mama, it has your name on it! It says, 'Ma - ma'!" Oh goodness, that made me feel old -- I'm no longer Laurel, I'm just Mama. I suppose I should have realized that already, but this morning it was just a mini epiphany. And it was hilarious. :)

And randomly...

Family at Newport

Eli and Renee

Julee, Eli and Renee

Diggin' in the sand

I've had these photos from Newport Beach when Renee, Julee, and Aubree came to visit, sitting on my hard drive, untouched since the day I uploaded them back in February. I'm sure there are more to show off, I just haven't gotten to them yet, but thought that I'd put this one up as a reminder of the great summer days that are coming! We love the beach! :)


Janae said...

Glad you are having a good day. It is funny to think while your day is half over I am planning on when I am going to sleep. Good going with the exercise. I love the feeling after too. Your pictures of everyone are cute. I love the one of Renee and Eli by the ocean. I hope all is well.

Erin said...

I love the beach, too! I'm so sad we don't live near it anymore! We went to the beach while we were in M.V. last week and two people have commented on how tan Scout looks! Haha!