Happy Birthday Mom!

Today is my bestest mom in the whole world's BIRTHDAY!!

(and I won't even pretend to tell you how old she is because that's mean. heehee.)

Here is a top ten list of reasons why I love my mom (in no particular order):

1. She has always been my sounding board. Growing up, she was always there to talk when I needed it or if I wanted to run something by her -- she would always have time for me. Now granted, sometimes that meant I sat and talked to her while she was in the bathroom, but she still would listen. LOL. :)

2. I get my creativity from my mom -- she is so right-brained and I love that about her. Ever since I was little, she has always been creating things from crafts to woodworking to painting to baking and cooking. She loves creating and I am glad to have been bitten by that creative bug.

3. She knows her way around the internet! Hahaha, when some peoples' moms can't yet send email, my mom is up and running her own successful eBay business, and even writing her own blog (well, sort of. having two posts counts, right?) LOL.

4. Mom loves black licorice. Gross. But she loves it, so I love that about her. :)

5. She has a beautiful singing voice that I love to listen to. We have an old videotape of her singing with someone in a past ward (I was tiny) and I love listening to it. She knows how to harmonize like nobody's business and I grew up listening to the harmonies on the radio because of her. I love picking those out because it actually reminds me of my mom when I sing them in the car.

6. Mom knows how to find a bargain, whether it be somewhere nice like Chicco's or Goodwill. She will go to almost any length for a deal! :)

7. Mom knows how to laugh and get us all laughing. It's hard for me to remember better times in my childhood/teenhood than sitting with my mom and sisters, absolutely peeing my pants because we were laughing so hard. We have the best inside jokes and I fiercely cherish those times, especially since we live so far apart that they don't happen nearly often enough.

8. My mom is an amazing Nana. She takes this job of caring for her grandkids very seriously (or not so seriously, depending on how you look at it) and is awesome at it. I know she makes our Nana (my mom's grandma) proud.

9. My mom has so much conviction in her belief in Jesus Christ. It's definitely a palpable thing, her faith. For awhile I used it as a light to help grow my own testimony, and I know that I am forever blessed because I had a mother who showed me this truth. (And of course a father who did as well, but it's not dad's birthday today, so I won't go into that, lol.)

10. And last, but not least, my mom is such a great friend. Plain and simple, she will do anything in her power to help others and make them happy, in a good way. :)

Mom, I love you and even though I'm not there to help you celebrate today, I still hope you have a wonderful birthday!

(That just means we'll have to tear it up while I'm there next month! Woot!! And Ali, that means you have to come out and join us. It won't be the same without you! :) )


JAG said...

You fork over the travel expenses, and I'm there!!! :)

The O-hi-O Busaths said...

Laurel, you made me cry more, after I read Ali's, then I read yours, you girls know how to get my emotions cranked up! Thanks for your kind words, they are SO appreciated~I feel SO loved, thank you!! Love you back!

Launa said...

How sweet! My mom's birthday is today! :D