I love to see the temple


Yesterday we hopped in the car and drove down to San Diego for the afternoon. I wanted to take some photos of the San Diego temple during a beautiful day and it certainly fit the bill! This is the temple that Nathan and I were married in, so of course it's special to us.


Eli enjoyed running around the grounds and kept asking if he could climb to the top of the "gospel" (spires? steeples? I couldn't figure out what he was trying to say). He also got a kick out of the Moroni statue at the top. It was fun to talk about the temple and how pretty it was and everything with him.


West enjoyed chilling in the stroller and soaking up a little bit of sun. Truth be told, I think he enjoyed getting his diaper changed more. It was a long car ride. :)

There is nothing like being there at the temple, even if you don't go inside. Just the Spirit that is there on the grounds is so calming and peaceful. I definitely enjoyed our little jaunt and hope to get to do it again sometime.


Barlow Family said...

That first picture is amazing! I'm sure you could Etsy it or something. BEAUTIFUL!

Shalae said...

I love the San Diego. I was able to go once with some single friends and then when Beau and I went on our honeymoon. There is something about it. It's so gorgeous!

Shelley said...

Gorgeous Laurel!! I especially love that second one with the flowers at the bottom. What a fun day!

llaxton said...

The pics are awesome! Great job!

Summer Sarah Wang said...

I like your the transparent circle on your logo--it makes it more original. I didn't notice it before on the earlier photos. Anyways, nice skills! See you Sunday.

Emmers said...

WHAT? you took those pics? You're absolutely amazing! Those are gorgeous pics.

I can't believe how big West is. So cute. How's Eli?