Aubree's Senior Photos

I had the opportunity to take some photos of Aubree, Nathan's cousin. I can't believe she's already graduating from high school! When Nathan and I got married, she was still in junior high. It sure makes me feel old, haha.

Aubree is just pure fun -- she has a quirky personality that I enjoy and is one of the most artistic people I know. Seriously, the things this girl can create with her hands would blow you away. She certainly got her dad's artistic talent, which is a great thing. And she's beautiful too! What a package. :) Enjoy this sneak peek!



I just *love* the way this one turned out, with her wisps of hair. :)

Thanks for letting me take these, Aubree! I hope you had as much fun as I did. :)


llaxton said...

Great job Laurel!

shayne said...

I can't believe she is graduating!!!!