Let's Play Catch-up!

Warning: This is pretty long, so proceed at your own risk of boredom! :)

Hey there everyone! I hope you're all having a great start week. I thought I'd do a little re-cap of the last couple of weeks, since I've been MIA. Sorry! But we have been busy and I'm still recovering from our trip out to Utah to celebrate Renee's (Nathan's sister) graduation from the University of Utah. (I swear, the laundry never seems to be done!) So yeah, lots going on!

So a little while ago, Nathan's company got to have a huge bowling event put on by Junior Achievement. It was a fun opportunity for me and the kids to go meet some of Nathan's co-workers and Eli got to bowl too! He was so excited all day, he kept saying, "First is the store, second is pictures and third is the BOWLING STORE!" (Oh, and he loves for us to make a schedule for him about our day's events, so he knows what we're going to do that day. So we're always saying First is.... Second is.... Third is.... etc.) I don't think he really understood that bowling wasn't a 'store' until we actually got there. He had a lot of fun and loved all the attention. Plus, he loved hanging out with dad! So cute.

Then last weekend we were off on a whirlwind of a vacation (if you can call it that, lol). We left early Thursday morning and drove to Utah for Renee's graduation on Friday. It was fun to get to see a lot of Nathan's family and celebrate Renee and her great accomplishment. We're really proud of her!

The graduate:

Renee and her boyfriend Lewis:

The Lakeys:

This is how excited they are for Renee to graduate:

And this is how excited Renee is to graduate!

The whole fam (plus Lewis, lol):

Three generations:
(and don't worry, West is fine, just slipping down a little)

So all in all we had a great trip! On the way back (driving home on Mother's Day, which could be a whole other post on its own), we met up with my sister and her husband Jed and all road-tripped back to our house. Ali and Jed came to stay with us while they went to Disneyland for Jed's birthday on Tuesday. Did you know Disneyland lets you get in free on your bday? Ah, to be newlyweds again and have that kind of a life where you can just pick up and road trip to Disneyland for your birthday. These are your "good ol' " days, Ali and Jed, enjoy them! :)

So while they were here, we decided to go to the Wild Animal Park in San Diego. We had a blast! It wasn't busy (being a Monday) and the weather was warm, but breezy. That's what I love about being down in San Diego, it's such beautiful weather!

Here's Eli at the petting zoo. He loved getting up close to the animals and kept talking to them. It was so funny!

In this one he's saying, "You're a handsome girl, aren't you? Aren't you? Yeah, you're a handsome girl." Jed, Ali and I were dying laughing.

Jed, Ali, Eli and the handsome deer. :)

Eli was really excited to be a worm and Nathan thought West would make a good one, too!

Some neat animals we saw on the tour, which I can't remember the name of now.

The cool lions snoozing in the shade.

They had the biggest, coolest paws!

Then the next day, while Ali and Jed were at Disneyland, Eli and I made him a birthday cake. Eli was so excited to help blow out the candles and couldn't wait until Jed and Ali got back to help celebrate. He was a little bummed that we didn't do balloons and streamers, but it just wasn't in the cards for that day. :)

Jed, Ali, West and Eli

Blowing out the candles

Thanks for coming out, you guys! We had a lot of fun! And to anyone else who is thinking about visiting Disneyland and needs a cheap (ie: FREE!) place to stay, just know you're always welcome at our house.

That pretty much wraps it up! I did have my very good friends come out to visit me from Mission Viejo but I was a dork and forgot to take pictures! I mean, come on, how did I do that?? But I suppose it was a crazy week and my mind was pretty much gone by that time, haha. But I loved getting to catch up with Tracy, Jessica and Marisol. And Eli was on cloud 9 getting to play with all his good buddies. So thanks to you guys for making the trip up to see us! We love you and miss you. :)

And I'm excited to post some pictures from a senior session I did while we were in Utah. Nathan's cousin Aubree is graduating from high school this year (Eeeek! I can't believe she's that old!) and so I got to take some fun photos for her. Be on the lookout for those soon!

Have a great night peeps!


shayne said...

Who is this Lewis character??? He has not yet had the much needed Dickson approval, required for entering the Lakey clan....

Laurel said...

You'll have to make sure and come down to California if he comes out here this summer. Not saying he will, but be ready just in case. LOL. :)

Jed said...

Wow that Lion pic was amazing! how did you even get there? it looks like you were on the other side of the glass...scary scary

Laurel said...

Bwahaha, I kind of was! I went to that far left side and shot through the glass. It was tough with the reflection and stuff, but with a little help from my best friend Photoshop, I was able to get the reflections to fade away and bump up the contrast on the image. I was quite happy with it myself, so thanks! :)

JAG said...

We had such a fun time with you guys! Thanks for letting us crash your house and taking us to the Wild Animal Kingdom! I'm glad you got all of these pictures - especially the handsome girl deer. She's my favorite! :)

Emmers said...

How cute! Laurel, I just LOVE LOVE LOVE your photography! I need to hire you to take some pics of Maia.

Looks like you have been quite busy with EVERYTHING! So much fun though. Your boys are getting so big!

Miss you tons. Come visit! Or we need to get a group to visit you again.