I know, I know, I'm in serious need of a new blog post. Well, this is going to have to tide you over for a while, and it's not going to be much. :) We've got family visiting (Happy Birthday Jed!), just got back from a mini-vacation to Utah for Renee's graduation (Nathan's sister) and I've got work up to my eyeballs for a little while.

SO, I promise to have a brand-spankin' new post coming soon, chocked full of pictures and laughs and fun stuff. So hang tight. That means you too, Summer, heehee. :)


llaxton said...

Oh...you know how patient us SG's are!!! HA...NOT!!!

Erin said...

Hey! Why didn't you tell me your were in UT? We want some family photos taken! We may be coming to O.C. for Scout's b-day. I'll let you know!

Summer Sarah Wang said...

Dang Live Tracker! :) hehe
Did you know that there is the possibility of increasing one's chance of twins with yams? I'm just researching, not announcing anything. Trying to get prepared--and I'm not ready to ditch my Dr. Pepper yet. Also, being black helps--do you think being from Mississippi counts? Oh, and being older too. I think I had like 2 of the 10 going for me on the site if you want twins. Anyways, hope you had a happy mother's day. :)

Jessica said...

As always your photos are amazing!! You are so talented!

You little ones keep getting cuter and cuter. What sweet babies. W

e miss you guys!

-Jessica Mangelson