Dealing with the Pursuit of Perfection

Oh man, this post over at Simple Mom really hit me on the head today. It's all about how aiming for perfection tends to make us less productive because it's so overwhelming to reach perfection that we end up not doing anything. Talk about my life!

Lately I have been having balance issues. I'm sure it has a lot to do with the fact that I shot my first-ever solo wedding (and it was family, so there was added pressure there, plus attending all the surrounding festivities), I launched my website/business/blog, E's been potty training and the laundry just keeps piling up. Man, there has been a lot going on.

So this week I've been trying to be better at getting my home 'work' stuff done before my computer 'work' (real work or funstuff) stuff gets done, which is hard for an email/Facebook/blog junkie like me. And trust me, I haven't been perfect and finished everything I've wanted, but I have finished some things. Baby steps, right Bob?

I am sure that many (if not all) of you reading this blog deal with this same kind of thing, once in a while, if not all the time. What have you done to help you get past the idea of perfection? Is there something you tell yourself every day to motivate you? A routine you have that works? I'd love to hear from you!

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Launa said...

I'm totally with ya! It's hard to know where to start and stop! And I so know about trying to get the "chores" done before computer...fun time! It is so hard though when you walk by the computer and you see "new posts" LOL!! I just pray for God's grace in my life every day and help in balancing all these blessings he has put in my life. It's always better when I start the day with prayer or time with the Lord, seems to keep things in perspective...but that happens rarely, there is usually someone standing at the side of my bed when I open my eyes saying...."I want breakfast" LOL!!

Launa said...

Just forgot to tell you....love the new header, I can't believe how big both of the boys are getting! :)

Cori said...

I hear ya!! I am trying to figure out the same balancing act. I have found that I need a pause button in my life. When I pause and forget everything that has to be done and just focus on being present and in the moment with my family I feel much more fulfilled at the end of the day even if I haven't gotten everything done I needed to. Some days I have more time to "pause" than others but I always try to deliberately do that.

By the way, I love your new website!! That is awesome that you have things up and going. It looks great!

Allison said...

It is so hard. Even the Moms who seem to have it all together, don't.

I could go on forever on this topic since I've had lots of ups and downs - especially trying to be a work-at-home-mom. I do best and am happiest when I really compartmentalize my life. Spend an hour just cleaning, an hour playing games with the kids, a few hours working. Of course I check Facebook like 10 times in between all of those activities. If you don't have one - get a smart phone! Then you can play with the kids and check Facebook at the same time!

And you already know my secret for working - I pay for help. I tried to juggle everything for a few years while working even 30 hours a week from home, and I finally realized it just couldn't be done. My poor kids were watching too many videos. :)

Caroline said...

Hey Laurel, I can feel for you. But baby steps seem to me to be the perfect way. Your kids are still so small, you can't get everything done together. It will get better when they grow up, but still it is difficult sometimes to keep the balance. I don't know what I've done, I am far from perfect, but instead of stressing myself (I did some years ago) I just see one day at a time and keep believing that some things will get easier in a while.

shayne said...

Basically I dumped routine altogether! Who says ditching house to have a fun day with kids is bad anyways? Eventually things will get done, so there is no need to rush or stress.

Simply Lulu Boutique said...

Count me in the balancey-challenged group! I agree with the above comment about paying for help. For the last few weeks of summer, I paid one of my primary girls (11 yrs old) to play with Lu for a few hours in the mornings or the afternoon so I could get work done. I was finding that as soon as Lu was in her crib, I raced to get through all the things on my list, and then I was mad when she woke up and I wasn't done yet. Naptimes just aren't enough for a work at home mom! And when I work in the evenings, it becomes a strain on my marriage bc I go days without spending quality time with Dean.

I try to not look at too many blogs, or I go crazy thinking about all the things I "could" be doing. I wish I had the time to sew, scrapbook, cook, bake, organize, craft, paint, etc. But there will always be time for those things later down the road. Right now is the only time I have to spend with Leah when she is 20 months. She will just keep getting older, and I would rather have a messy house and spend quality time with her, than to have a clean house with her parked in front of the TV.

About the FB/blog-stalking, I sometimes just have to turn the computer off. Not just close it, but turn it off, and remind myself that "it doesn't matter." Set some little goals, or when you sit down on the computer, set a time limit, and reward yourself when you stick to it. Let us know when you find out something that works!

Melissa Egg said...

One time when I felt discouraged, I happened to read Mosiah 4:27, and since then it has helped me whenever I feel overwhelmed. I think you're amazing! Just keeping doing your best!