ohmygosh, it's here!

I am really excited to announce the launch of my BRAND NEW photography website:

And don't forget the blog:


That's right, I'm going into business!

This is something that I have been debating about doing for many months. I have struggled back and forth with whether I feel 'ready' enough to do this, to photograph for clients that don't include friends and family, to put myself out there creatively and try to make something great happen.

I have recently arrived at the conclusion that I do feel comfortable enough in my photography skills that I think I can offer something distinct to those who are looking for high-quality photographs of themselves and their loved ones.

SO -- here's the deal. I now have a separate photography blog all set up to show some sneak peeks, to have some giveaways, and even to share some tips and tricks to taking better pictures yourself.

I will continue this blog as my personal, family blog. For now it will remain public (I'm sure I'll post a rant about private blogs one of these days, lol) and I will update each individually.

I'm ready for this exciting adventure to begin and I can't wait to see where it will take me. I feel like God has been preparing me for this for a long time, and the pieces have finally settled into place now. It feels really good.

So please, go check out my new website as well as my new blog!

And if you're going to be in the area (southern California) in the next few months, you will definitely want to check out my blog for a special offer! Trust me, you won't want to miss this!


Kara said...

I kind of figured this is what you had up your sleeve! You're going to be fabulous, Laurel!

Erin said...

Wow! I had no clue you were creating a business! I thought you were doing something crafty at your new house. I should've known!

Shalae said...

This is awesome Laurel! I'm so excited for you. You will do an awesome job!

Shari said...

You are a fabulous photographer Laurel! I think this is going to be a successful venture/adventure for you! Many blessings, my friend!

Summer Sarah Wang said...

I love it! Even the music.
Hot stuff. Well done, well done.

Shelley said...

Oh Laurel, I love it!! I always knew you were excellent. I think I need to find some things out from you before I move next!! Way to go! You're awesome!! I wish I was in So-Cal so you could take my family pictures. :)

JAG said...

Woo!! You go girl!

Christy said...

Good for you Laurel! I know all to well the thought that has gone into this decision and I pray for a successful business venture for you! You do awesome work and I only wish you were near by to do my family pics!!