These things make me happy lately

- my boys downstairs playing and laughing together (W is finally at an age that he can rough house a little with his big brother)

g804331_Lost-season2 mynd3

- LOST is over but it went out with a good feeling (at least for me)


- an upcoming visit with my favorite younger-sister-who-is-married! ::wink::

- getting a nap on Sunday afternoon

- my new phone coming in the mail…sooner or later!

- saving money on things from groupon

sophie elisabeth murdock

- getting to meet my new little niece next month (and wishing i had had a little girl with her name!)

- bejeweled blitz

- dad’s famous oatmeal chocolate chip cookies


- editing fun family photos for both work and home

What is making you happy these days?


Erin said...

Happiness is Scout turning two, only five more weeks of pregnancy, and the anticipation of baby boy coming! Thanks for making me smile!

ScrapGirls Ro said...

Going to the temple. It is such a sweet experience getting some peace and relief from worries. Makes me want to stay there all of the time.

By the way...I'm having fun with the photos!

Laurel said...

Thanks for sharing that, Ro! I love that too, I need to get back there soon!

And I saw you've been using the photos, they look great! I love the layouts you've done with them so far. It's fun to see them creatively from another's point of view. Can't wait to see more! :)