We’re Going Old-School

Our usually awesome red dryer (which is only a year and a half old, mind you) has been on the fritz lately and we just got the estimate today. We won’t have a working dryer until Monday. Blech. But instead of hauling all our stuff to the laundromat or usurping someone else’s dryer for hours at a time, I had a plan! I figured I’d try and be all domestic about it and hang our laundry outside to dry. The only problem is that we don’t have any trees or tall structures to use for the line part. So I got creative with our play slide, the outside wall sconce, some thick twine and clothespins.


There’s E ‘helping’ get all the clothespins together….just to put them on the floor.


Here he’s helping me put clothespins on the bottoms of all the clothes, haha.

And can you see that Busath tongue action?? He looks just like my dad and my brothers. That’s when you know there is some serious concentrating going on!


Who knows, maybe this can turn into something cool? Maybe I’ll love the smell of sun-dried laundry better than our dryer and I won’t ever want to use electronic devices again?

Yeah, right.

But I am enjoying it for now at least, while I have to. :)



And yes, W does love to be the king of the castle.


I’m so glad we actually have a yard to come and hang our clothes in! It’s so heavenly to be outside and just get to enjoy this incredible weather. I mean, that’s what we pay for, isn’t it?? :)


And on a separate note, I just saw this video about Stephanie Nielson and it inspired me to be a better mom today. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


Rebecca Busath said...

Ok I need some tissues now. That was so amazing. I'm so glad you shared this, I'm going to put it on my facebook. I think everyone needs to know about this incredible couple. :)

Rebecca Busath said...

Oh and the fact that you even had clothesline and clothespins is so impressive to me! I'm so proud that you aren't afraid to hang your laundry outside for everyone to see! LOL

Caroline said...

Gosh, I am in tears, what an amazing couple and woman!!!

Lovely photos Laurel and cool clothesline ;) I love your new blog layout with these huge photos. Very cool!