Whoops. Day 4 is finally here!


I know I said I’d be updating the blog. And my lovely little sister so kindly reminded me that I have not been keeping up with that promise! So since I’m sick today, I’m hoping to get a few posts done and ready to go, so that you won’t be dying while waiting for all of our vacation photos. Like I know you so totally are. :)

So where were we, day 4 of the trip? Okay, but first I have to share a couple of photos that I forgot to post in day 2’s summary.


All the cousins (and Ang) with their Nana, getting ready to milk the cows!



The cute Aidan with Nana. :)


I love E’s face in this one – it was right after the cow pooped all over and he looked back at me to see if I had seen it. Made me laugh.

Anyways, on to Day 4.


That day we went down to Provo to visit the BYU campus and help aunt Angela get ready to start school. I was pretty excited to get to the campus store and get some goodies for the boys (and for me).


We hung out at the Wilk, did some shopping, then the boys went on a Grandpa ride with my dad. They had lots of fun. While we were waiting for them to finish up and come back, we went down to find my Grandpa’s photo in one of the common rooms. It was great – we got to see him doing one of his sweet moves in a really cool framed photo. The glare is so bad down there that it’s hard to photograph it well, but I think I got a pretty good shot.


That’s my grandpa, rocking out, second guy from the left. He was an entertainer in his day, let me tell you. In fact, he still is. :)

After walking around the Y, we were hungry so we went to dinner down at Brick Oven. Trust me, if you’ve never been there, you need to go the next time you’re in Provo. And have the root beer. It’s delicious.

We were lucky enough to have a little party room all to ourselves (with our large family and all) so we took full advantage and spent the night laughing, joking, and having a grand ol’ time, as evidenced below:














The kids got super lucky when a BALLOON ARTIST showed up and made them all balloons! It was really a lot of fun and each kid (and Jeff and Angela) got their own balloon animals. E got a giraffe, of course, and W got an elephant, naturally. Cousin Aidan got a cool sword, Nate got a gorilla (NOT a monkey!), Uncle Jeff got a cool hat that was supposed to have an ice cream cone on it but turned into a heart (?) and Ang got a princess crown. They were quite the group.





Most of them are in black and white because *apparently* the Brick Oven has decided not to optimize their light bulbs for picture-taking situations. Ah well.

All in all, we had a really fun day. That was probably one of my very favorite days of the trip.

Until next time!

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Joseph & Tracy Larsen said...

so glad that you had lots of family time!