Janae got married!

Last week we were so excited to take a little family vacation and head off to Utah for a wonderful event – Janae and Topher getting married! Nathan took a few days off and E got to do an independent study program from school so we didn’t even have to miss any days, thankfully.

We had a great time driving up there, with the kiddos happy in the back seat and Nathan and I listening to a good book on tape. I’m not a big desert fan, so I don’t really love the drive, but having my hubby and family there with me the whole way made it better.

The first night we got there, we got to hang out with my sister Ang, and it was fun to get to talk with her for a while. She’s such a cute girl and is so good with our kids. I just love it when she’s around because she helps me out with them so much. Plus it’s great to have a chance to catch up with her and find out all about the latest twists and turns of her fun, college love life. ::wink:: We love Angela!


The next day we went to a baby shower for Renee, and it was a lot of fun to get to see so many of Nathan’s family members that we rarely see. Renee and Lewis don’t know what they’re having (boy or girl) so it was fun to see what kind of gifts they got. ;) I can’t wait to see what they end up having! They’re going to make great parents.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get any pictures at the shower, I was more concerned about E not trampling over Lewis’ grandmother’s garden, ha.

Craving some yummy food, we met up with Angela and Tom to have dinner at Benihana. Outside the restaurant, there was an art installation with hundreds of rubber hoses buried in the ground and sticking up all over the place. The boys had the best time running around the tubes, pretending it was a jungle, an obstacle course, and a swamp.






Of course, the dinner was delicious! I always love going there for the yummy soup. It’s one of my favorite things. The show is usually pretty good, too, and the boys love watching the food being prepared. It also seems like the chefs put a little more effort into it when there are kids around, too. :)







We had such a fun night with them! I love getting to hang out with my siblings, it’s always so much fun. I sure do miss them!


Oh yeah, forgot to include the Angela creeper photo:


Part Two coming soon…

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