E Quotes

So here are a couple of fun recent “E Quotes”.


Eating corn on the cob for dinner: “Dad, something’s weird. Every time I finish a piece of corn, it looks like a rectangle!”

Sometimes I go out jogging in the morning before the kids wake up. One day when I got back, E said:
"Mom! While you were gone I made you a fruit salad for breakfast! It’s got green apples, red apples, and fruit loops!”

One time when he was little, we were driving through In-N-Out and they had a big picture window so you could see all the workers inside preparing the food. Spotting this, E yelled, “Mom, look! It’s our friends in there!”

That’s it for now. Stay tuned for more E quotes! :)

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AES said...

He is so funny. You all must have a blast living with E :)