Halloween time!

Well, here’s a recap of our fun Halloween time adventures.

Eli and I have been reading the Harry Potter series since the summer (we’re thisclose to finishing book 4) and so when the time came to talk about what to be for Halloween, he was adamant that he wanted to be Harry Potter. I tried to convince him to be Draco Malfoy (since his hair would be much easier to match) but he only had eyes for Harry. (Secretly I was tickled pink that he wanted to dress as any HP character!)

So I set out to try and put the costumes together. We talked to West about it and he was dead set against being anything remotely close to any character associate with my beloved book set. I was so bummed! We almost had him when we had him convinced (for about a week) to be a pumpkin from Hagrid’s garden, but then he must have figured out our plan and refused. For a long time he was set on being Captain Hook. But thankfully, as Halloween drew closer, he decided on being a ‘scary ghost’, which sounded good to me because I was fairly confident I could cut holes in a sheet and call it good. ;)

The next thing to figure out was what I would dress as, since I knew I wanted to make it a family theme. Nathan, of course, was always going to be Hagrid. :) I decided to go as Dolores Umbridge, mainly because she was such a wonderful character in the book series! This sums up how I feel about her:

Agh, it’s so true! To the point that I didn’t even want to continue reading the book because I couldn’t stand her. I can’t wait until Eli can meet her when we’re done with book 4. :)

Anyways, I searched and searched for a pink blazer or sweater vest or coat or ANYTHING that would work to go as Umbridge, but just kept coming up empty. And I wasn’t sure enough that I could tackle making one myself. So instead, I went with the easy fix and got a robe, put on a white shirt and grey skirt that I already had, and went as Hermione.

I have to give myself some kudos just a little here, because I’m pretty proud of myself, haha. I sewed Eli’s lined robe and grey vest, as well as Nathan’s brown vest and made his yarn beard and wig. Of course, it was way too hot during our California Halloween for him to wear the wig and beard for longer than a few photos, but I’m just glad I figured out a way to do it!

Finally, here we are in all of our wondrous, magical glory!


My personal favorite? Eli’s glasses and wig. They were so great. :) And he absolutely loved it, which makes me happy.

And yes, it’s true – apparently I thought too much of my hole-cutting skills because obviously the ghost costume didn’t turn out that great, but at least it matched with our theme! :)

Here are some more fun photos from the night:


Eli posing while saying his favorite spell


Cupcake decorating! (And yeah, the minute the shutter clicked on my camera for the family photo, West took off his sheet and didn’t put it back on for the rest of the night. Ah well, at least I got the family picture before that happened!)


Face painting


Showing off his loot


Our friend Shawnie tried on Eli’s wig :)


Me with the Hogwarts: A History book I made because we all know Hermione is the only one who has ever read that book! :)


Me and my magical boy. Gosh, I love that kid.


Our friend “Waldo”


And his sister, a Lalaloopsy doll (so cute!)


Another friend as Minnie Mouse


And her “Zombie Killer” brother, checking out how hot the chili turned out to be!


A few days later and it was the real Halloween night! The boys got ready and helped me pass out candy while we waited for Dad to get home. Because he always takes them Trick-or-Treating!

This time West wanted to go in his dragon costume from last year, so he was now Norbert!



And my cute little boys!


Nathan ended up taking them Trick-or-Treating and he said that Eli got lots of great reactions from everybody. :)

Happy Halloween, everybody!

(Even if a few days late, ha.)


Joseph & Tracy Larsen said...

so ADORABLE! I am so impressed with your sewing skills! and beard-making skills! :)

Rebecca Busath said...

Great job, Laurel!! I like you much more as Hermione than I would have as Dolores though.... just sayin'. :)