E Quotes

Just to brighten your day a bit. :)

I can’t remember the story behind this one, but I wrote it down because he either showed me how to do something or proved that he knew something because then he said, “See? I know a trick or two!”

Telling me about a book he read, he said, “Mom, when _______ (a character I can’t remember) went around the world he visited Scotland (he made sure to say Scotland in a very Scottish accent).” Then he said, “Did you see my Scottish accent on that word?”

We were talking about the possibility of him walking home with his friend Drew and he said, “Walking home with Drew?? I love walking! It’s just my specialty!”


Rebecca Busath said...

LOVE!! Keep them coming!! :D

Renee said...

The best part about these is the fact that I read them in E's voice. He's so cute.

Laurel said...

Hahaha, Renee, that's how you get the full effect. :)

Ang Campbell said...

:) Too cute!!