E Quotes

For me, these never get old. I’m sure that for you, they will someday. Bear with me. :)

One day E got grounded from TV all day. A little bit later, he came into my room with a piece of paper, gave it to me and said, “I am going to DIE because I can’t watch TV anymore. So I’m here to invite you to my funeral!!”

He was reading something about toy that said it would fly in the air, and he said, “They must not work in space.”

Me: “Good one, E!” (Thinking he was making a joke about there not being any air in space)

E: “No, Mom, I wasn’t kidding!”

E: “My new socks are molting and getting fuzzies between my toes!”

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Christy said...

Thanks for the laughs E! I needed that! :)