Recent Layouts

Here are a couple of recent layouts that I've done. I haven't really felt all that creative for the last little bit, but I'm hoping to get out of that slump really soon! :)

This is Eli trying to reach up to the big kids who were playing at the park while we were there. He's such a sweet little thing, so enamored with the 'big kids' that we see. I know he wants to be just like them.

This is Eli on the same day at the park, watching the older kids play. He wasn't so sure what to think of them, so he did his 'nervous' thing where he puts his hands behind his back and just watches for a while. I just love it when he does that, it's so adorable. My sweet little guy. :)

I love this template by Angie Briggs over at ScrapGirls and so I dug up some wedding pictures to use with it. I made all the papers in it with different ScrapSimple paper templates, also available at ScrapGirls (of course!) and I think it turned out kind of fun! :) I just love doing stuff with my wedding photos. I only wish I knew then what I know now about digital and photography. Then it would be a whole 'nother story! :)

This is Eli and Reener at the beach a few weeks ago. We went out there when Renee was here for Spring Break. It was so fun to see her and hang out for a while. That girl's got a good head on her shoulders! :) She's the best.

I just love this one! It's from when Matt and Remi were down for some interviews for med school. Remi and Eli got to have their long-awaited reunion after many long months of missing each other. (Hey, it's hard to be away from your girlfriend for that long, he told me!) I can't believe how big she's getting and how cute they are together. What fun!

More new layouts to come as soon as I get a couple finished. (I'm always working on at least 10 different ones at any given point.) Stay tuned! :)


MrsG said...

Hi Laurel! I hope you don't mind if i add you to my blog list. Love your work, girl! :) Beth

Cori Rae said...

I LOVE your scrapbooking pages!! Beautiful!!