We're Back!

Hello everyone! I'm glad to say that we're back home and excited to have had such a wonderful weekend. Nathan and I dropped Eli off at Grandma and Grandpa's house while we drove up the coast to Cambria to just take it easy for my birthday. It really was a needed trip, and I truly appreciate all of the effort that Nathan put into planning and executing it. Ya know, you just sometimes need some time to recharge your batteries. I can't believe it, but this was the first time that Nathan and I had been away together without Eli since he was born. I was a little nervous, but everything turned out peachy. We got to relax, Eli got to spend time with his grandparents, and I now feel refreshed, energized, and ready to get back to being mom. It's a win-win-win situation! :) The ocean was gorgeous, the weather to die for, and the company was great. :)

This is a picture of the fog and ocean that we saw while on the hill, driving up to Hearst Castle. It was almost like we were up in the heavens, it was so beautiful. The ocean (which you can't see) is straight out there and it was just gorgeous.

Next is a picture of one of the peaceful garden walkways that were all around the property. We took 2 tours and were able to see a lot of different parts of the house. Next time we go, we'll take the twilight tour, where the docents all dress up in period costume for the tours. Can't wait to get back and see that one!

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