Back from Vacation

Well, we survived the 13-hour travel day yesterday and we're finally back home in our snug little beds. What a trip we had! Nathan's parents, sisters, cousin and a nanny for Eli accompanied us to Hawaii, to the island of Kauai. It was beautiful and fun and muggy and relaxing.

We went on an ATV tour, we kayaked on a river and hiked in the jungle, we took a boat ride to the "Forbidden Island" and went snorkeling, not to mention enjoyed a great luau and tons of yummy food, and saw a bunch of cool sites. Man, this was one for the books! Now it's just getting back to all the email, messages, and laundry waiting to be addressed. Here is a page about our trip!

1. Me and Eli hangin' out

2. Sunglasses man
3. Gorgeous Kauai scenery
4. Eli wants to go outside, and tells us by bringing us his shoes
5. Nathan at the lighthouse
6. Cool trees we saw
7. Before going on our ATV tour

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