I'll miss my hubby

It's official -- Nathan is going to Australia for three weeks.

For work.

Without me.

I'm jealous.

I mean, he's already been there before, and I never have been! That's reason enough to let me go with him, right? Heehee.

Actually, we found out so suddenly and it's only a couple of weeks away, so there was no way to swing so that I could go this time. And besides, after the stress of taking Eli on a 5 hour flight to Hawaii, I don't think he'd appreciate being on a plane for 15 hours straight.

But luckily, if Nathan is on the same job this time next year, I'll most definitely be able to go. We'll see what we do with Eli at that point, whether it's take him with us or have my parents watch him for us.

Three weeks is a long time, though, and I don't know if I could be without Eli that long. Nathan, I'll have to just deal with, but without Eli would be tough, lol. :)

I'm actually pretty excited because I get to have my sisters Ali and Angela come out to stay with me for a good amount of the time. That will be really nice, so I won't be by myself for the whole time.

Here are some random pictures that I like, just because I don't like only writing on blog posts, I always wish there were pictures. :)
Eli at the park, wearing his cute new ScrapGirls T-shirt. On the front it says, "I'm Cute! Digiscrap Me!" and on the back it says "www.scrapgirls.com". I just love it and think it's the cutest thing. I also have a shirt for me that says "Bwahahaha...Welcome to the dark side -- Digital Scrapbooking". It's hilarious, especially if you've been on the boards over at SG. You can find the products here: http://www.cafepress.com/scrapgirls

Eli and daddy being crazy. We're sure going to miss him while he's gone!

This is the Na Pali coast in Kauai. I wouldn't mind spending some more time out there!

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