OC County Fair

We had the chance last week to go to the OC County Fair with Mandy Steward and her fun family. We had a great time watching the rides, eating carnival food, chatting, looking at art and photography, and just being out with our family together.

I've never been anywhere besides the rodeo, so this was all a little new for me. I can't wait until Eli is old enough to ride the rides. Mandy's girls had such a fun time, it was so adorable to watch.

Dad and Eli hanging out, drinking some lemonade at the fair. Nathan's dressed up because he had to come straight from work, NOT because he wanted to impress the carnies.

This is a picture of Zoe, who was so proud of the stamp on her hand, because it meant that she was a "big girl" and could ride some of the rides!

This is Nehemiah, Mandy's littlest one. He's just a bit younger than Eli and he makes the greatest faces ever! :)

Here's Eli trying to feed Dad his binkie. It's a fun game until Eli tries to stick it down his throat! Heehee, what a good dadda.

Mmmmmm....funnel cake.......

Eli was so pooped after the fair, that he fell asleep as we were still walking around. He was a good sport, though, for not being able to do any of the fun stuff, like go behind the rides where all the machinery and gears were, eat leftover carnival food from the ground, and run out into the middle of a crowded walkway. Yeah, poor kid, we never let him do any of the fun stuff! :)

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Mandy said...

Oh great pics! I've got to get you the shots I took. That one you got of Zoe is so cute. And I love the one with Nathan and Eli and the Ferris Wheel in the background.