Playing Catch up (part deux)

Well, last week was another road trip, this time out to Utah for Nathan's friend Todd, who married a really sweet girl named Mary. It was a ton of fun, and I got to see my sister, meet her new fiance, and also see Tom, Summer, Ian, Steve, Mary, Molly, and Maggie. It was quite the trip, I tell ya!

Now I'm
again glad to be back home, in my own bed. (Although Steve and Mary had a really nice new bed in the guest room that both Nathan and I were happy to get to sleep on!) I had a fun time taking some engagement photos for Ali and Jed, and will be in the process of going through and editing/retouching them. It was a gorgeous day, even if a little windy and bright, but it turned out great. They're a fun couple. :)

This weekend I was really glad to have an extended few days to spend exlusively with Nathan, just being together. It's weird how little time I get to spend with him during a normal week, just because he's at work all day and sometimes doesn't get home until late.

But driving to Utah and back makes for some good together time. :) I have to say one of my favorite moments on the trip was playing 20 questions with Nathan, with the answer to the game being Mrs. Nesbit. (If you don't think that's funny, go watch Toy Story and then come back. Right now. Go ahead, I'll wait.....) I love that my hubby knows exactly what will make me die laughing. He's the best. (And hopefully I came up with a few good ones as well, but he'd have to tell you about that.)

Another great moment of the trip was getting to see Nathan in a tuxedo. I wish he had one that he would wear daily. That would be awesome. And not just because without the vest and coat he looks like Colonel Sanders. ::heehee:: He really does clean up nice! Here's a picture to prove it:

Seriously, I'd love it if he could wear that every day. I'm putting in a formal request (no pun intended).

And since no post is complete without an Eli picture, here's a cute one of him and Aunt Angie watching the geese in the pond at the outlet mall.

So I hope everyone is having a great start to the week. Nathan's actually in LA doing some training, so it's me and the little one from now until Wednesday afternoon. I hate sleeping alone! I get myself all freaked out about sounds that I hear and thinking about whether or not I locked the doors. Man, I'm such a weenie.

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