Recent Layouts

I thought I'd post some of my latest layouts. I've been having fun with work ones. :) Syndee Nuckles and I have a great partnership, and I love making layouts for her. I'm so lucky to have such a dream job! Anyways, here are some recent ones:

This one uses Photo Talk Brush set, Mischief Maker Collection, Fully Alive Embellishments Biggie, SS Embellishment Template: Fancy Folds 4, SS Tools - Styles: Chipboard Distressed 4103 Mini, SS Embellishment Templates: Aged Frames, and A Man's Life Collection.

This one uses Delightful Collection, SS Paper Templates: Artsy - Watercolor 3, SS Paper Templates: Sew Torn Up, SS Tools - Styles: Stitching and Holes 4102, Hardware Embellishment Super Biggie, and Aged Photo Frame Embellishment Mini.

This one uses Dynamic Brush Set: Doodles 6301, SS Paper Templates: Artsy - Inked, Dynamic Brush Set: Paint Stroke 5401, SS Word Art Templates: Title It - Life, Dynamic Brush Set: Frayed 5401, and Just the Basics Paper Mini.

This one uses SS Embellishment Templates: Photo Collage, Dynamic Brush Set: Doodles 6301, Mischief Maker Collection, Friendship Collection Biggie, Affection Collection, Always and Forever Collection, SS Tools - Styles: Distressed 5101 Super Biggie, SS Tools - Styles: Grunged Metals Super Biggie 4101, A Victorian Christmas Collection, and Fireside Embellishments.

This one uses ScrapSimple Embellishment Templates: Masking Tape Biggie, Atelier Collection, City Park Collection, Bunny Business Collection Mini, Resolutions Collection, Brush Set: Stamped Dates, and ScrapSimple Tools - Styles: Brushed Metal 4901 - Biggie.

This one uses Faded Beauty Collection Biggie, Frame by Frame 2 Embellishments,
Illuminate Collection, Flowering Flourishes Collection Biggie, and Endearing You Collection Biggie.

I have so much fun doing these! If anyone wants some layouts of their own, let me know. I'm available. :)


Emily Murdock said...

Tell me...do you have time for sale? Because that is what I need. More time! I haven't unpacked a single scrapbooking supply because I know that once I do, all good things will fall to the dictator that is scrapbooking.
OK, in other words...if I start scrapbooking, my children will not eat. I will ignore them completely.
So glad you have been working on such cute stuff!

Laurel said...

Trust me, it's 10 times easier with digital! Let me gift you some stuff and you'll see what I mean. There's no mess to clean up, no having to buy 3 extra sheets of paper because you cut something wrong, no worrying about gluing anything down. Seriously, I've got to get you to at least TRY digital! :)

Keen Ween said...

That hoodie of Eli's is so cute! Yay for blogs! And yay for Laurel's amazing talent!!

ScrapGirls Ro said...

I just love your purty, purty layouts, Laurel.

A fan.