In reference to this post, I have to actually concede that I am no longer going to do this cool thing, so there's nothing to report. I'm sure you haven't been holding your collective breath waiting for the news (and if you have, that's pretty sad), but I just wanted to let you know.

I'm just too busy for my own good! But that's also a good thing, because saying no to this new project has given me more time with Eli, more time to be a wife and mom, and more time to work on making dinners for our family. So that's got to count for something, right? :)

(PS: I'll let you in on the secret -- but you have to come close. Closer. Closer! Okay, a little too close! :) I was in the process of writing and preparing to teach a class on digital photography editing at Scrap Girls. You know, the retouching stuff like whitening teeth, smoothing skin, removing blemishes, etc. I am bummed that I won't be continuing the process, but I'm also glad that I will have more time to create, which is what I love to do. So I'm okay with it.)

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Shalae said...

You would have done a great job with that, but sometimes it does feel a whole lot better knowing that your extra time is going to your family. That's always the best choice!:) Plus you can still share your knowledge with others in different places and ways as well.