Playing Catch up

Glad to be back in my own bed after visiting my family in Ohio for ten days. Missed my hubby and of course, missed my own house and schedule.

But now I miss my mom, dad, Jeff, and Ang. And Pepper too, if only just a little bit. :)
Glad to catch up with work, layouts, and photos.

Wednesday we're headed to Utah for a friend's wedding, and I'll be glad to see my newly engaged sister, my newly engaged best friend, and our gracious hosts, Aunt Mary and Uncle Steve (and their adorable girls). I know they're up for some Settlers, as are we! I can't wait. :)

I'm working through thank-you cards for all of the great birthday cards I got this year. Since I left home on my birthday, I didn't get to read them until this weekend. But thanks to anyone who reads this blog and sent me one! :) I had the most fun birthday -- even the TSA guy at the airport wished me a Happy Birthday. Nice.

Okay, here are some Eli pictures to tide you all over. :) He absolutely loved having a backyard at Nana and Grandpa's house, which he utilized all the time, by making my sing "sube" while he climbed up the hill in back. (For those of you who don't watch Go, Diego, Go, that is "climb" in Spanish) He also loved wearing Jeff's motocross helmet, which was literally twice the size of his normal head. Too cute. He may just be a skateboarder yet!

Have you ever seen a cuter kid in a helmet as big as his head? LOL.

This one is great, he's gearing up to get on the skateboard, but can't make it himself...

...so Uncle Jeff steps in to help out!

And here's the big ride!

What a fun adventure for Eli, I'm sure if he could, he'd ask for his very own skateboard. Jeff had a lot of fun showing off his skills as well, which I'll have to post about later. Right now I should be packing for our Utah trip, but I know that it's been forever since I posted here, so I'm trying to do my good blogging duty. Or, I could just be procrastinating. LOL. You guess which one is correct!

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Mama Llama said...

We LOVED having you here, time was too short, but you're coming back, that's all that matters.....wish we could have everyone here all at once....now that would be the ultimate party!!!