Happy Halloween!

I'd like to present to you all our very own:

our own halloweenie!


(get it? get it??)

I have to tell the story behind this costume, it's too funny. One day we got a flier in the mail for Party City and to keep E busy, I told him to look through it and see all the cool costumes. Well, he looked through the entire thing and when he saw this hot dog costume, it was over. That was all he wanted to be. And me, knowing him, thought I'd wait a few days and ask him again, because surely he'd forget about the hot dog and want to be something else.

Well, obviously not.

For almost 4 weeks, that was all we heard -- Mom, I want to be a hot dog for Halloween! And then it morphed into -- Mom, I'm going to be a hot dog for Halloween and you and dad will be ketchup and mustard!

I don't know about the ketchup and mustard, but I do know that he made the cutest little hot dog at our Trunk or Treat activity last night (that's why you see him with some other people in the 'costume parade' -- he wouldn't sit still to take a decent photo!).

And just in case you thought I forgot, here's your little dose of adorable baby costume:

cutie patootie pumpkin

Can you see his killer teeth? I just love them. Too fun.

So yes, we had a great time at the ward activity,


even though there was a man-eating hot dog on the loose!

attack of the killer hot dog!


And just curious, but does this make my child a cannibal??

cannibalistic hot dog


PS: I won 3rd place in the chili cook-off. And I was robbed!!


Caroline said...

What lovely photos! They look adorable!!

Janae said...

Eli and West are so cute!!! I can't believe how big West is getting, but he is such an adorable pumpkin! Eli is too funny! I love the hot dog eating the hot dog picture. Happy Halloween!

JAG said...

LOVE it!!

JoDell said...

Too cute! I love the pics. of Eli dressed as a hot dog, eating a hot dog.

shayne said...