Stair-climber and other nonsense

This little man. What are we going to do with him??

I swear, he's lucky he's so adorable because otherwise, he'd be on the first boat to Where the Wild Things Are.

[Sidenote: I don't suggest seeing that movie. While it was visually cool, I was bored for most of it. Wait 'til it comes out on DVD, in my humble opinion.]

Recently W has been keeping us on our toes! He's a fast little crawler, so you have to watch him at all times. The minute your back is turned and you've forgotten to put the gate up, this happens:





And while he's great at going UP the stairs, he still hasn't mastered the DOWN part. At least not without falling headfirst onto the wood floor (and that has only happened once).

But, like I said, he's lucky he's cute:



In other news, E was recently "really brave" (as he told us) and went on a merry-go-round. He's pretty wary of going on any kind of movable ride, probably since I made him go down the Alpine Slide with me this summer. Bad mom! :) Hahaha, but he told us he wanted to go on it and so we went! You can watch the progression of feelings, ha.

First, here he is, excited to get on the horse!

merry go round3

Then the ride actually starts to move and he gets pretty nervous. Wouldn't let go of the hubby's shirt for pretty much the whole ride.

merry go round2

Then, once the ride stopped, I asked him how he felt and this is the reaction I got.

merry go round1

So all in all, I think it was a success! :) Hahahaha.

And if you're wondering why I seem to post more pictures of W recently than of E, it's because W doesn't run away from me the minute I pick up my camera! I wish E would pose more for me, but I'm not about to force him and ruin it forever. :) Maybe someday he'll want to get his picture taken again...


Caroline said...

You have such cute and beautiful kids Laurel :)

JAG said...

But West looks so cute climbing the stairs!

And YAY Eli! I didn't tell you we forced him on a roller coaster while they were here?? ;)

Erin said...

It's exhausting once the babies get mobile! I love the cute pics of the merry-go-round and baby West is soooo cute!!!

Joseph & Tracy Larsen said...

I love those bright eyes!
Eli's costume is hilarious! SO CUTE!

I miss you!