happy happy birthday hubby dear!

Well, today is my sweet husband's birthday! I can't believe he's turning 40!

Haha, okay, maybe he's not that old. But I sure feel like we're getting closer to that every single day! Must be the kids that really take it out of me. Or maybe it's the distinguished salt-n-peppa hair that my sweet husband is sporting more and more of lately.

All I know is we're not 21 anymore. And I'm so glad that we're not!

So here are the top ten things that are better now than when we (you) were 21:

10. I don't have to worry about you hanging an "Iron My Shirt" sign in front of our house. At least, I hope I don't have to worry about that anymore.

i don't think so...

9. Pretty sure the platinum blonde days are over. White may be on its way, but not platinum blonde!

Platinum blonde?

8. No more creepy jealous roommate who sits on the couch with us while we're trying to talk to each other.


7. You know my family a lot better now and can laugh at a lot of our inside jokes!


6. We don't live in a state that requires us to own large and heavy down coats anymore.

little girl in a huge coat

5. No more vying with other girls for your attention! :)


4. You make more money now than you did back then (I know, it's not that hard to make more than a college student, but I'm still happy about it)!

(and I know this photo doesn't really have anything to do with the #4 thing -- I just like it of us.)

3. We don't have to live in a crappy first apartment anymore!

(please ignore the text, this is from when we were first looking at it to buy)

2. We are married! I'll just let you imagine all the great things that that entails and not elaborate...


1. And the best thing about our life now that we didn't have then? These two.



I love you, babe, and hope that we get to celebrate 29 more birthdays together!



Allison said...

Happy Birthday Nathan!

JAG said...

This post is so cute!
Tell Nathan I wished him a happy birthday!