House and Home!

Dude! My child is going to eat us out of it!


Big E is going through some sort of growth spurt because all I hear, all the live-long day, are various renditions of, "Mom, I'm hungry!"

Sometimes it's, "Can I have a snack?" Or, "When are we going to eat dinner?" (This one, of course, is usually at about 10:30am, so the response is never one he wants to hear, and is always followed with something along the lines of, "But that's way too looooooong!!")

(and yes, he's without a shirt in both pictures. don't even get me started on the battle it is to keep clothes on this kid!)

Other times he cuts right to the chase: "Hungry." Well, who can argue with that kind of direct statement? Not me! That's usually when I know he means business.

Goodness gracious, I just hope that we have some of our pantry stock left when this is all over. Otherwise, Costco will thank me, but my hubby and wallet will not!

But then, in between fixing what seems like a million meals and snacks, he gives me one of these:


And then everything is right with the world again.

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Joseph & Tracy Larsen said...

now that you mentioned it, he is looking big! When do we get to celebrate your birthday?