Are you afraid of the dark?

Anyone remember that old Nickleodeon show? The worst was the one where they had that restaurant that made delicious soup from peoples' worst nightmares? Remember? No? It's just me? Oh. Well then. Let's move on.

I hate it when Nathan's out of town and I'm alone in the house (well, the kids don't count once they're in bed). I always stay up WAY too late when this happens, as evidenced by this blog post at 2:30am.

But don't worry, at least I'm productively working.

Maybe. If you count blog stalking Jasmine Star as productive. Or work. It's at least one out of the two, I'm sure of it.

But yeah, I think it's finally time for me to call it a night. I'll be dreaming of off-camera flash and natural reflectors and an 85mm 1.4 prime lens....

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Janine said...

I'm totally with you on the late nights during our husband's night shifts!