Lazy Thursday Morning

I should be:

- cleaning up the house
- getting ready for my sister-in-law to come over
- calling my insurance company
- getting a jump on spring cleaning
- doing the dishes in the sink

Instead, I'm enjoying these boys, playing on my non-made bed.






Some days I just really love not having a schedule yet, not being bogged down by having to be anywhere like school, soccer, achievement days, etc.

And I know {for a fact} that these days are numbered, so I'm taking advantage of the lazy while I can. Because you know I love my lazy!


Allison said...

Yes, enjoy it while you can!! I had a hard time adjusting to having a kindergartner and having to get everyone up and dressed right away in the morning. It was really hard at first!

I guess there are benefits to this stage too (i.e. right now I am home alone and the kids are all at school).

Rebecca Busath said...

We all love being lazy sometimes, but it sucks me dry if I let it. Cuz then the reckoning comes and I'm regretting that I "lazied" around too long. LOL But I agree that having nowhere to be is the best. :)
And you're wise to enjoy it while you can, once it starts, it's a LONG time before it stops.
Love the pics, the boys are darling, as always!!