Thanks, Mom!

Can I just tell you how much I love my mom? Well, it's a lot.

I love that when I send her an email containing the exact birthday present that I want, she doesn't disappoint!

I saw this cute scripture cover over at this shop, via Ucreate and I just loved it! I wanted to get one, but thought that since my birthday is coming up soon (April 1st, ahem), I would just ::suggest:: it to my mom in case she had been searching and searching for just the perfect gift and couldn't find anything at all. :)

The way I see it, it's simply a win-win situation -- I get what I want and my mom can get me something that she knows I'll love!

See? It's all logical. ::wink::

I like the strap that goes over the pages so that all the papers that I usually have stuffed in there won't fall out when I'm wielding this around.

Isn't the fabric yummy? I love the bold patter, the little flower on the front, and I love that it has a great pen holder on the outside so that I always have a place for my pencils.

And with it being a custom order, I was able to get the size for my GINORMOUS scriptures and they fit beautifully!

So thank you, mom! You got me a wonderful gift and I'm so glad it's something I know I'll use and love.

Love you! :)


Caroline said...

This looks absolutely adorable Laurel. What a wonderful birthday gift!

Rebecca Busath said...

Aw, I'm so happy that it fits and that you are happy with it!! Happy EARLY birthday!! I love you too!