Pasadena party

I was so excited to get to visit with my childhood best friend this past week. Summer has lived in Pasadena for a couple of years, and although we haven’t gotten to visit with each other as much as I’d like, it’s been great being closer.

Recently Summer’s husband got a new job in Salt Lake, so I knew we’d need to schedule one last visit before they headed out. Plus getting to meet their newest addition Daniel was the icing on the cake! He’s adorable. And while I didn’t take that many photos of us, I did get a few while we went out to lunch. And West took some for us too. :)





Thanks for a fun visit, Summer! We’ll have to catch up with you in the frozen north the next time we’re up there. ::wink::

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Summer Sarah Wang said...

So good to see you too! Fun times!
And yes, we're still trying not to freeze to death. :)

PS-What's with my arm in that last one?! LOL!