Ohio Pictures

I'll have to preface this post by saying that my family is crazy. I mean, completely nutso!

So as long as you know that, then these pictures will be of no surprise to you!

The first ones up there are of Eli finding Grandpa's suit coat. (The very same one that contained his wallet, which he swore he had brought into the house. Alas, he is getting old, because it was tucked safely in the car, with his wallet all cozy in the pocket.) Eli liked to play "Where's Eli?" in that suit coat. Too cute.

This is Tom and Jeff being .... well, Tom and Jeff.
I suppose there's not a lot of explanation needed.

Angela and Eli hanging out upstairs.
Eli loved being able to see downstairs and would say,
"Oh Hi, Mama, what're you doing?" all the time from up there.
It was hilarious.

Here's Eli, just chillaxin' with his new friend Stewart Little.
Don't worry, Eli's a pretty good driver, even though Stewart's a bad example -- who puts their feet up on the dash like that??
(Oh yeah, I do that all the time....whoops, bad Mama!)

Eli being crazy in the back seat. He loves it when he can make us laugh. It's so fun.

Okay, well, that's a smattering of the pics from the Ohio. :) It was so much fun getting to see my family again and spend time hanging out with them.

Nathan became addicted to Guitar Hero, so as soon as we get a new power supply for our Wii, I'll most likely have pictures of him "rocking out". And I say that loosely. LOL. :) I know you just can't wait!


Erin said...

So cute! Looks like you had a great time in Ohio. It was great to see you today--thank you for everything!

Emily Murdock said...

I'm jealous.
But you must have WAY more pictures than that. Add some more, I say!
PS have you guys made your plans for July, such as when you are leaving for UT, etc.?

Shelley said...

Laurel - I just have to say you have one CUTE little boy! I love being able to "catch up" and get an idea of how you guys are doing every now and then since we don't really get to see you guys anymore.