We Love Legoland!

Eli and I went to Legoland twice last week, as we believe in using the heck out of our yearly passes! We went first with our friends Tracy and her son David, and then we went the very next day with Dadda. Eli really enjoys it, so I'm not complaining one bit. (And anytime I can have the chance to let him run around a huge playground and burn off some of that endless energy, I'm all for it!)

Here's Eli waiting in line to go on a big-kid dinosaur roller coaster. He's braver than I would have ever been at that age, that's for sure!

Here's Eli and I waiting to get on the helicopter ride. He obviously wasn't ready for the picture. :)

And here we are having the time of our lives on said plane ride. He's getting more comfortable with being on the rides that go up in the air, without being scared.
Too fun!

And finally, here's Eli getting the best of Dadda's cheeks while patiently (ha!) waiting in one of the lines. Well, trying to be patient, anyways. We're working on that one. At least he's stopped screaming at the top of his lungs when he's not allowed to cut in front of everybody, lol! :)

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Jessica said...

Ben can't wait to take the boys to Legoland, it looks fun. Thanks for the fun Friday night and for letting us win : )