Thanks to my great sister in law, Nathan and I were able to have a mini date night last night. We went and saw this movie:

I really really really liked it! Robert Downey Jr. is not my favorite guy on the planet, but I can't argue that he's a great actor. And the music in it is just fun and makes you want to just jump up and dance around (or maybe that was just because of my sugar high from eating little Dibs ice cream snacks as fast as I could before they melted....not sure)!

So thanks, Janae, for coming down to see us even after you spent all day not getting picked for a gruesome jury duty case. You're awesome!

(And she even cleaned up the house before we got back....what a saint!)

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Emily Murdock said...

Ooooh, do you rent her out too? Can she come to Texas? ;)
We're thinking about seeing that movie. Glad to hear you liked it--I think that is the general consensus. (I'm pretty sure I spelled that wrong, oh well.)
Hope life is going good!