So Nathan and I went and saw this movie last night. I absolutely loved it! If you've never heard of it, trust me, you'll want to go find it and watch it. It's about these two boys who make a movie for a young filmmakers contest, called "Son of Rambow". It's supposed to be a sequel to a Rambo movie, I'm pretty sure. :) I didn't recognize the real Rambo clips they were showing, as I've never seen any of those movies. But you don't need to know too much about it to enjoy the movie. So go find this one in your town -- it's a winner! :)


Jessica said...

Sounds good, we will have to see it if we can ever go to a movie again. I was sad it randomly rained on park day, it feels like a weird week with out it.

Anonymous said...

We saw this movie and loved it, too! No one here seems to know what it is; glad there is someone else out there who likes a good indie movie!